Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow Day

No, the above pic is not of my hometown. Yes, we do finally have a snow day! Although there was very little snow, we did get a break from school. Word is out that we are off tomorrow too! Yeah!!!! If you really want to see a true snowfall check this out, now Laura really has snow in her front yard!! Read her post you will get a good To all my teacher buddies have fun on your extended break.


justabeachkat said...'s so cold here and I KNOW it's even more so there. Stay warm.


Simply Joy Catering said...

Hi Shelia,

Thank you so much for all of your sweet, sweet comments on my blog. I really do appreciate you and your uplifting words!

I am so blessed and thankful...for having such a good friend like you!

I really enjoyed out chat at Bobby Ray the other day! I wish you and I could have lunch one day!

Check out my blogspot. I have a new give away for February!

Only Through Him,