Saturday, February 2, 2008

Meme and an Award

I feel like a true slacker, my sweet friend Kat , at justabeachkat tagged me several weeks ago for this meme. I am finally taking the time to play along! Sorry it has taken me so long. The rules are to list 5 random or wierd things about yourself. Wow only 5, I could think of endless
1. I hate talking on the phone. I try to complete all phone calls from my cell phone and usually talk when I am driving, I know not very safe........
2. I only want white sheets on my bed,higher the thread count the better. Linen and Things', Bed Bath and Beyond's annual white sales are on my calendar. I know weird. I have flannel for fall/winter and cotton for spring/summer months.
3. I hate starting big jobs, cleaning the garage, cabinets, windows, etc....usually doesn't take that long, just have to get me started.
4. I can't start my morning with out my coffee, I am not a morning person, I love love love that first cup of coffee in the morning.
5. I am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed at 20, treated, have been cancer free for 23 years now!
Now I tagg Toree, Danielle, and Holly.

Kat also passed this award to me! I felt so honored that she would give this to me. I am so inspired by her kindness to all of her friends! Thank you Kat for your example to all of us!

I pass this award along to

Tabetha and Joy come on girls you must play/pass along!!


Simply Joy Catering said...

Hi Shelia,

First of all thank you for the sweet award! You are an inspiration as a great christian friend!

I would be honored if you put a link on your web page about Andy and the blood drive! Please send it to everyone you know and ask them to send it on to everyone they know! We are looking for 325 to donate at the drive.

Andy is a very, very sick little boy. The doctor told them that he has the "King of all Cancer's".

Prayer will be the best medicine for them! Thank you for getting things for the family at church! What would be do without our Christian family?....Lost!

Only Through Him,

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

Thank you so much for this Sheila. I appreciate YOU more than you know. You are such a positive influence on others. :)

Joy said...

Hi Sheila! Just stopping by. Enjoyed your posts.

justabeachkat said...

Hi Sheila

Thanks for playing along.

I didn't realize you were a cancer survivor too. You go girl! Sometime you'll have to post your story or e-mail me at least.

Hugs sweet friend!