Saturday, February 23, 2008

Prayers for Andy!!!

Most everyone who lives in our town knows Andy Dunn, and most everyone knows the trials the Dunn family are facing. Prayers have gone out from most every home in our area. We are praying for this beautiful family and their little Andy, we pray for his comfort and God's loving hands to cradle him during this time. We pray that he be healed, if it is God's will.
If you get a moment please stop by and visit Andy at caring bridge, and leave him a comment to let him know you care. I have also posted his site on my sidebar to the right. Please continue to pray for Andy and the Dunn family. May God bless and keep you!

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Simply Joy Catering said...


Thank you for your precious comments about Andy and his family.

Andy is back at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital this morning. He was running a fever again.

I spoke with Dot and she said that this is from the chemo and they expected it. He just went from feeling great to a big crash during the night last night.

Please keep praying!