Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!

     Hello everyone or maybe just that one person who will read this blog or is still reading or following.  I have had a very hard time finding the time to come each day and blog, life seems to get in the way and it is so hard to set aside a little me time.  I am starting out this year on new foot...I think I said the same thing last year..oh New Years Resolution is to find more balance in all areas of my life, it seems that something always gets pushed aside.  I am going to try very hard to give time and attention to each area of my life and find more balance in doing so. 
We have had a very busy year in 2012 and there were many happy days and some very sad days near the end of the year.  Richard and I are doing great working and trying to adjust to the empty nest we now have and we also are trying to convert our home into a home that suits our needs now that the children no longer live here.  We converted Brittney's room into Isabella's room.  I sang "you are my sunshine" to her when she was growing inside her mommies tummy, it was the first song I sang to her when I held her the first time, so her room at our house is taking on the theme of  the "sunshine room"  it is a work in progress....lots of fun deciding what to include in the decor and decorating!!!      
     Brittney and Jeremy are doing great working and Brittney has decided to go back to school, a little different than I had planned but she will be starting at Paul Mitchell School hair design Monday, she is excited and I am realizing she needs to do what makes her happy.  I am so proud of the wife and mother she is.  Jeremy is just a perfect fit for our family, he loves our daughter and granddaughter and he takes such great care of his family.
      Ethan is working at Sacs 5th Ave distribution center as Loss Assesets department, he is enjoying the new job and planning a trip to New York in few weeks to visit the Store there.
     Of course Isabella has had an eventful year. Learning so many things and experiencing her 1st.  from crawling, to walking, feeding herself, talking, riding a horse, riding a plane for the first time.  We love our sweet baby girl and enjoy getting to spend time with her each week.  She is with us on Tuesday night until Thursday when we take her to her mommie and daddy.  She has been a ray of sunshine in our lives.
     My brother and his boys moved to our hometown to have better opportunities also.  Jamie is in a great school here and Joshua attends the school where Ethan and Britt attended.  James my brother is working and buying a place of their own. God has been so good to bless him and his family.  Please continue to pray for them as they are on this journey to get life in balance.
     We received some terrible new in October.  My sister Shirley's daughter Betsy passed away.  She was only 17 years old and it has been the one thing that has consummed our lives since October 20, 2012.  She was a beautiful girl and had so much life left to live, but she also had some personal problems and it was so hard for her parents to be able to help her.  Teen suicide is one of the most painful ways to lose a loved is hard to explaine, hard to understand, and it carrys a stigma or embarrsement with it that shouldn't be.  We need to put a face to this silent killer and make our children aware and our parents aware of the dangers that exist.  Believe me we never had any idea this could happen in our family.  We mourn our loss and we pray for God's grace and mercy for her soul.  She was so loved and her memorial was amazing and beautiful...I think this is probally the hardest thing I have dealt with personally with my family.  There have been times I just didnt know what to do or say.  My sister and her husband came home for the Holidays and we celebrated as best we could.  Life does go on and life is for the living...we are trying desperately to honor her life and make the neccesary changes in our lives to bring a face to this epidemic. 
     So in closing,  this last year has held many fun times, happy times, and some of the saddest times of my life.  But I know that God promises he will never leave us and we will never be faced with more than we can bear...he is here for us and comforts and guides us and loves us, if only we will cast our cares upon him, because he cares for us.  I have held tight to those words these last few months.
I pray you have had a good year and your family is happy and healthy.  May God bless each of us in the coming year and it feels so good to be back here with friends....I pray that I may continue to blog and share my life so that one day my grandchildren may see a part of me and who I am.  Until the next time....Love and Hugs!!!!