Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hump Day, Haircut, Driving, Oh MY

Well it is hump day, middle of the week and half way to the
weekend. I am also celebrating driving for the first time
since last Thursday. This little privilege we take for
granted is so important in our day to day lives. I will
admit it felt a little uncomfortable or maybe I was
being a little more cautious today. It reminded me
of my children when they first started driving, how
aware of the dangers and slow they were on the beginning. This
driving story leads up to why I was going out in the
first place. Now ladies you know how important our
monthly trip to our hairdresser I had my
appointment way before I found out about this little
surgery incident. So needless to say, I was not going
to reschedule it even if I had to call a cab. I made it fine
and with a smile on my face. You know I have always
felt like our time spent with our hairdresser is like
therapy anyways. So couldn't miss out on my monthly
appointment to get my fix. lol
My husband did make the comment that I had my
winter color on, hmmm what exactly does that mean?
He doesn't like it, its to dark, whatever .....
I am just so happy to be able to drive to my appointment
and now I must run because it's also time for me to leave
for church, try to teach class tonight. Maybe the ladies won't
notice I have my winter color on tonight.......Peace love and
have a great evening, .....however you decide to spend it.


LeAnne Grissom said...

Thank you for the sweet comment. Men do not understand our "Winter Coats". I bet if it had anything to do with guns, sports or auto they would talk our ears off. I am glad your getting around better. I still want to cook for you... Have a great day.

Alison Cummins said...

Glad you are on the mend. Please take care of yourself and milk this for as long as you can. :) It isn't very often we get waited on!!!

Natalie Miller said...

I am sure your hair is just a beautiful as always! I just love you and I hope you are feeling well. I have been praying for you! If you need anything let me know.
Love ya

justabeachkat said...

Oh boy do I know how important our haircut appointments are! LOL I don't care how I feel, I'm going on my appointed day! LOL