Saturday, October 27, 2007

"25 Women Of Acheivement"

Thursday night we attended a dinner, at the Country Club, to honor "25 Women of Achievement" from our hometown. It was a beautiful ceremony to recognize these ladies and all they had achieved in their lives. There were many happy family members and the food was delicious, although the best part of the evening was the recognition of each lady and the presentation of an engrave clock to commemorate their being chosen as an honoree. Each lady left that evening a winner!!
We were so proud to be with our honoree "Mrs. Betty Boyd". My mother-in-law is so deserving of this award. Our Ladies Bible Class nominated her as a recipient to be recognized for her commitment to God, Church, Family and her community. She truly is a wonderful Christian example to all who she meets. She is a true servant in every sense of the word. Whether it is, Church benevolent work, Meals on Wheels, Retired Teachers Association-treasurer, or the VISER Program (volunteering at schools), or even Warren Co. Saddle Club where she volunteers. She gives of her time with grace and dignity in a way that amazes me. She is very honest and sincere in all that she does. A true servant does not seek out recognition or wait for a pat on the back, nor do they need an award to acknowledge their self worth. They are looking ahead and seeking to help those in need. She has accomplished much in her lifetime. She is a wonderful godly wife and mother, and her love for God and family inspires me. I admire and love her and I feel so blessed to be part of her family. Our relationship is so special to me, and she treats me as her daughter. She has paved the road ahead for the ladies in our family, and we are going to have pretty big shoes to fill. Her birthday is Tuesday, and this just made the night that more special. I hope you enjoy the pictures of this special night!
I must say, a most gracious thank you to the Southern Standard and their staff for all their hard work in making this night possible. A special thank you to Mrs. Margret, for the pictures and loving Mrs. Betty (almost as much as we do.) Please check out the Southern Standard on Wed., Oct 31st. A special addition will be included, with each ladies accomplishments.
Today I would like to challenge each of us to give the acknowledgement and honor to those ladies in our lives who so well deserve it!!!
Have a blessed day!!!!


justabeachkat said...

Mrs. Boyd sounds like a very very special person. I know you are so proud of her and it's always nice how you write about her. You're lucky to have the relationship that you have with her and I know she feels the same way about you. Congratuations to her for this award. Being one of only 25 is quite impressive!


Danielle said...

Mrs. Betty is so deserving of this award. I can't think of anyone else that deserves it more. I feel honored to know her. Of course, I think she and Mr. Boyd are two wonderful people. Steve and I always talk about how nice they are. You are very lucky to have them as family.

Sheila said...

Ladies, thank you so much for your sweet comments. My mother in Law is so deserving and the least seeking of any award. I truly am blessed to have her in my life, as I am blessed to have YOU in my life.
Have a blessed day.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Congratulations to your Mother-in-law and family. What a wonderfully inspiring post!

kari & kijsa

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

I have not met her but by reading this I am so inspired by her good works!!! :) So happy for her. And you look so pretty in this pic.