Monday, October 22, 2007

Bell Buckle Will "NEVER" Be The Same!!!!!!!

Sherri (my sweet SIL) and I decided to spend our Saturday at Bell Buckle Craft Fair!!! Jalen, Sherri's oldest had a soccer game, so immediately after the game we head out. This girl, knows her directions and she knows how to shop. I was in awe, had a hard time keeping up. I love Bell Buckle and we had a wonderful day. We even got a little silly at the end, giggling and pulling out the camera to see if we could sneak a picture (of items we "One day" will try to make) haha. I don't think those vendors have anything to worry about if they take a look at her schedule or Girlies we really need little snippets or even days of Girl Time, however and with whomever we choose to spend that time, to connect as only females do. Thank you Sherri, for a much needed break and much fun and laughter. I love you and value our relationship....

P.S. Our day did end at the hospital, Ms. Carrie, one of Sherri's teacher co-workers, had to go in for kidney stones. We visited her and hopefully cheered her up. Keep her in your prayers that the stones will pass quickly. God Bless you Carrie, don't kill me for mentioning you here!!!!!
Update Ms. Carrie had to have them removed so please keep her in your prayers.

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