Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tip Tuesday

Boy have I had trouble getting this Post to Publish!!! Whew...!!
Needless to say we all know the #1 use for Kitty Litter! lol
Whether you have a feline pet or not, I think you will run
out and buy a bag of Kitty Litter after you read these great
uses. I almost always keep a bag in my pantry and my garage!
The store brand works as well as the top dollar brand.
Uses for Kitty Litter:
1. I pour a cup or two in the bottom of my trash
containers. It is a great odor eliminator.
Hint: husbands do not pick trash container up
and dump, may cause a mess or at least
aggravation. Poor Richard, I almost have him
trained!! (no pun intended)
2. I place a container with Kitty Litter in the
basement and garage to help eliminate musty,
stale odor, which these areas are notorious for.
3. Sprinkle on oil spills in garage or drive, great to
soak up spill.
OK Girlie's, how will you or do you use Kitty Litter? Post and
let me know! Have a great evening, only 3 more days till
Reminder: As with all chemicals, cleaners, and pet
products, please use caution around children
and pets. As my children are almost adults, at times
I may fail to notice a hazard. Please feel free to let
me know of safety issues with any of my "Tips"
I will gladly post a correction.


justabeachkat said...

Great ideas!


terriblespeller said...

i never thought to put it in the bath room trash cans. I might have to try that one.

LeAnne Grissom said...

Hey, Clint wanted me to tell you that now he has a picture like Ethan with his gun. I think that if that had been the only one Julie took Friday, he would have been happy. Make sure you check out the slide show. Have a great day.