Wednesday, August 1, 2007

M.I.A= missing in action!!!!!!!!!

Wouldn't you know there is a direct comparison between a computer and a mother. As you may or may not have notice it has been several days since my last post. My computer decided to come down with a virus. She is currently in Ben Lomand Internet hospital undergoing major surgery (reformatting)...haha I cant remember the last time we didn't have Internet in our home. I was lost couldn't balance my checkbook, do my online banking, or check email or even BLOG!!! OMG thankfully Friday she will be coming home healthy and she will be right back at it again. She is kinda like a mom does all these functions and services and no one really appreciates her until she is out of commission... maybe I will go a little easy on her the first week...haha...
Wow what a week!!! It has been SO busy at home and work...the driveway is still in the process of being paved would you believe they are also paving the drive at Central Office only in my world does that happen at same time...hehe Several changes have happened since last Monday. The Lord truly looks out for us even when we think we are taking care of it all...I have been evaluating my life the past couple of months and I was realizing maybe changes were in order...I have been offered the opportunity to make a departmental change which I think is going to fit with my mother and wife duties better. So I come home last Monday, sit down with Richard and discuss this change and how it will affect our lives (hopefully allow me more time with my family) and after much talk and prayer, we decided that it is a good move for me. Only moving down the hallway but you know females any change is major...So keep me in your prayers and wish me luck. I am very optimistic about this next year. Ethan is a senior this year and of course you add in Junior Axillary, church, home, family and friends, this makes for very busy year ahead. My motto this year is to take things one day at a time...remind me of this in March 2008!!!! Who knows before this week is over I may need to be reformatted!!!

Thank you God for the opportunities to live full lives and be productive and I thank you most for your love and guidance in my life.

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Alison Cummins said...

I will keep you in my prayers. I know whatever comes your way, you will be able to handle it. Have a great weekend.