Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Eight Is Enough!!!!

Eight things about me..hmm pretty boring but here goes...

1. I have been blessed and try to
let God's light shine to those around me.
I wish everyone could have joy and be
truly happy.

2. I am blessed with a godly husband,the best
friendship I have ever shared. He is my hero.
I try hard to live up to his example.

3. I am always running late, there is always one
more thing to do before I walk out the door.
This drives my husband crazy. Once he took the
broom out of my hand and lead me to the vehicle
to get inside to leave for vaction..hahha

4. Sundays are my favorite day. Granny's Sunday Dinner,
yum.."the day of rest".

5. I love to read, anything, everything, especially
Nicolas Sparks.

6. I live by list!!! To do list, grocery list,
project list, you name it. I can't do anything
without planning and writing it down...haha

7. I wish I could lose weight as fast as I put it on...
I am working out and eating healthier.

8. I am working on "not sweating the small stuff",
this gets better with age.

Ok if your are reading and haven't fallen asleep
You have been tagged, your it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a blessed day.....

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