Monday, December 31, 2007

Tip Award..Who Me!!

I was so surprised to receive an email from Sweet Annette at Toadily Handmade Cards. She was giving me an award! Wow, I don't have any crafty talents that I share on the, so her words really humbled me....she wrote.....

"I am suppose to pass the award on to someone who inspired me during the holiday season. I am passing the award onto Sheila @ Gim'Me Memories. She has inspired me throughout the season with words of encouragement to slow down and enjoy the holidays with family & also with her Menu Plan Monday. I can barely plan dinner for one day let alone a whole week! She is always leaving sweet comments for me and gives me encouragement to keep up the card making. I don't know how she handles all aspects of her life with only 24 hours in a day! "
I was so touched by Annette's sweet words of encouragement. We are all just trying to find our niche in the world and use our God given talents to help others. God expects no less...I hope to inspire and build friendship with this blog and I in return am inspired when I visit you. God is Good and I hope we all see his blessing at work in our lives...Take your talent and share it, spread it around. Remember the story in the bible of the "1 talent, 2 talent, 5 talent Men" God increased the talents of those who use theirs. What you give out will come back to you tenfold...Thank you Annette for your inspiration...
Now I must chose someone to pass this on to....I choose 3 new bloggers, they could use our encouragement...please stop by and check out their fabulous work and leave them a comment to encourage them...I choose:
***Much Love to each you and lets share more of ourselves with those around us in 2008! Happy New Year to you and your loved ones......


Simply Joy Catering said...


I was so suprised to see that I had won an award! You are so precious! Thank you for thinking of me! You are a great friend and Christian example!

Much Love,
Simply Joy Catering

Susan B. Designs said...

Thanks Shelia... You made my day!
I agree with Annette, you deserve the award! You are such an encouraging person to so many people. I am glad to have you as a friend and a JA sis.