Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Surprise Christmas Give A Way Finally!!!!

I thought about this and thought about it, over and over the past two days! What could I do to share some Christmas spirit? Well in the true spirit of Christmas I am giving a way to one lucky person a "Surprise Holiday Basket" filled with goodies. What girl doesn't love a surprise, and Christmas is about opening the unknown gift. I will post the gift along with the winner's name after the lucky one is chosen. So the big reveal will be fun for all, the surprise will be based on your own personal taste.
So here are the rules..... the winner will be posting their Christmas list, favorite things..(sorta like Oprah's), but I will not be giving away cars!!! lol.. Christmas gifts, ideas, food, you get the picture. What you love about Christmas, your favorites. I will randomly draw a name on Sunday, Dec 9th, that is 2 days away girls. So good luck, tell me your favorites and maybe you will win!!! Good luck and Happy Holidays!!!!
****If you link this post to your blog and others play along and mention your name you will be added for each additional commnet.


Stacey said...

Of course I have to enter your post since I won on the other one. My favorite Christmas moments are those spent with my family. Sometimes after the gifts are opened, we play games, put a puzzle together, just do something fun. It is awesome just spending time with those I love! After the last year of dealing with Mark's accident, all of life's moments are blessings! It is all about perspective. I feel so blessed just to be able to spend time with those I love and they love back so unconditionally! Merry Christmas to all who read this. May you have more blessed, happy moments than you can ever imagine during this holiday season!!

Love to all

The Craven's said...

This sounds so fun Sheila! Where do I start?....Things I love about Christmas...I love being able to spend more time with my family over Christmas break...I love watching my children participate in the Nativity scene at church...I love listening to my children talk about Santa Claus and what they hope he brings them...I love dancing around my living room to my Christmas CD...I love making cookies with my sisters and their children...I love spending 3 days at Rock Island cabin with my "whole" family (new tradition)...I love to watch my children's faces on Christmas morning...I could go on and on...Thanks Sheila for posting this, it really has helped me remember all the reasons that I love this time of year. I hope this helps to put me in the mood.
love to you!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Our favorite things...hmmmm....the first snowfall...hot chocolate on a freezing cold day...the smell of pine....real Christmas garland....and most importantly...the chance to celebrate the birth of Christ!

smiles, kari and kijsa

PS KJ sent us over here!

KJ said...


How fun! Be sure and check out my blog! I gave you special mention!

At the top of the list, is Christ's Birthday! Then, it's celebrating with family and friends— laughing, playing games and making new memories together. I love the mulled-cider smells, the crispy air, Christmas music, and hearing "Merry Christmas" shouted with jubilation! I enjoy watching average things becoming transformed by garlands, ornaments, and imagination! I derive great pleasure from artful tablescapes, candles flickering, inspired wraps on gifts, and personal touches. I especially like going to Disneyland and hearing the Victorian carolers,
watching the fireworks followed by snowfall, and seeing all of the beautiful Christmas embellishments.

And Favorite Things . . .
• Godiva Truffles
• Quality kitchen gadgets (Pampered Chef)
• Quality papercraft tools, rubber stamps, inks, pens, pretty papers, etc.
• Vintage collectibles, ribbon, postcards, & clip art
• Gift cards
• Coffee and tea
• Bookstores
• All things French

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Please enter me. I do love a good surprise.

I have a little wooden tree & snowman that a friend painted for me a long time ago. Putting it on display is my personal tradition. Christmas eve always seems like a magical nite to me. It is....Christ's birth!

Danielle said...

This year Christmas at the Sliger house will be very different. Last year, Marlee was still tiny. We have already been to see Santa and Christmas lights. It's fun just to watch her look at the lights on the Christmas tree. So, I must say spending time with my family tops my list. Steve and I are so looking forward to our quality time together. Some of my other favorites include sending/receiving Christmas cards, hot chocolate on a cold morning, just admiring the lights on the Christmas tree, having friends over, listening to Christmas carols, my mom's cheese ball, my grandmother's cider and my flannel sheets (when it's cold enough). I could list many more, but I'm sure you get the idea. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!


Kimberly Ann said...

KJ referred me to your site, which is lovely. My favorite Christmas moments....Hmmm...my son's joy at opening his gifts, listening to the Nutcracker, enjoying Egg Nog, making Gingerbread, Mercury Glass ornaments, warm mugs of cocoa, woolly scarves, beautiful wrapping paper, snowflakes, candies, felt Christmas stockings...
Thanks for the great contest.

Anonymous said...


Oh how fun !!! This is my first visit... I came via Debra.

I just love everything Christmas....the smells, sights and sounds. I especially like that everyone seems to be a little bit nicer...wish it could last all year long !!

I love to listen to my Diana Krall Christmas CD..I love for all of us to gather XMas morning and open our gifts. I feel blessed to have 2 wonderful kids and a great husband.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Holiday..glad I stopped by,

Kathy :)

Saylorsmom said...

Great idea Shelia! I love getting out my Christmas stuff and watching Saylor get completely tore up when she sees our things for the first time in a year. She just squeals and smiles with joy. I love reading "The Night Before Christmas" to my kids and we all sleep in the same room every Christmas Eve and watch Home Alone and everyone giggles because they are too excited to sleep!

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

Oh what fun! I love the WHOLE month of December for many reasons. My first date with Chris was Christmas Eve and I knew I would be with him from then on.... Lexi was also born in December and there are so many other reasons. I love love love to find old fashioned ribbon candy in stores. My Grandparents passed on when I was 5/7 and this makes me think of them. I do not have many memories with them :( but you could always find ribbon candy in a bowl on the table. I also love to smell fresh cut oranges, pine, and cinnamon. I collect gingerbread anything so those little guys always make me think of cinnamon too. I love singing loudly with my munchkins and finally, I loveeeeeeeeee when my twin brothers gang up on me and "rag" me of tales when we were small. I am blessed so greatly every year that both of my parents are here to celebrate another year with us.

Anonymous said...

I followed the link for your give-a-way from KJ at eye-dyllic. This is my first visit to your blog so I hope it's all right that I request entrance to your contest. :o)

I love Christ, my dear hubby and daughter, even my attack-cat, anything white, coziness, soft sounds, anything vintage, shabby chic, cocoa (especially white chocolate), savory aromas, classic movies, simple pleasures.

I hope your day is blessed. <><

Rosemary said...

I found you through KJ eye-dyllic.
I have to enter your giveaway. Silvery, Shiney, Glittery, Warm, Cozy,Soft. Shabby, Chippy etc.
Now you need to come and enter my giveaway. It is for my 100th post. Come and see.

Judy said...

KJ from eye-dyllic sent me! What a lovely giveaway!
Simply put, I love everything about Christmas! And now, as a blogger, I love the festive look that many blogs have taken on in preparation for the holiday!
My favorite things are fabrics, papers,sewing embellishments - anything crafty!
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!

Dorothy said...

Debra, the Bunnies' Bungalow sent me over. I love your site. Will come back again and again. This Christmas we will be going to Nashville to spend Christmas with our oldest daughter and her family.We have not spent Christmas with them for three years. Our other daughter and grandkids are going too. So sharing, being together, making cookies, remembering other Christmas moments.This I love.
Other favorite things:
Books, Journals,
Starbuck coffee,tea

LeAnne Grissom said...

O.k. Shelia, I love this idea. I love Christmas because it is the time that all the memories of past times seem to come flooding back. I love to see the boys on Christmas morning coming flying from their room to see what Santa has left with really bad bedhead and crooked pj's and hopping around because they are too excited to go to the bathroom. At school the kids get all excited and have a spring in their step and a twinkle in their eye. I love the Christmas dinner at Granny Tuners where there are 14 greatgrandkids and 30 plus adults crammed into a tiny house and Uncle Gary playing Santa Clause. My wish for Christmas is to remember all the grat memories of times past and all the loved ones that have gone on! I miss most of all My granny Myrtles little indoor pinetree that we put lights and little ornamnets on each year and the smell of her chocolate tea cakes baking in the oven after we decorated her little Charle Brown tree.
Ok now I am going to post on my blog about Christmas.

maggie said...

What a fun way to do a giveaway! I love surprises so I'd love to enter your draw. Christmas is a very special time for me with my 3 daughters, 2 of which are university students. I am happy that all 3 will be with me for Christmas. I love decorating the house, putting out all my special things I've gathered over the years...the Christmas village, the Nativity set,my snowmen, special candles. And then decorating the tree and sitting back and enjoying the glow of its lights. I love the wrapping of presents for my daughters, trying to do each one in a special way.And then there's the baking and buying of special treats,candy and chocolates.
And on Christmas Eve we will go to church and come home and put some nice music on and have our favorite snacks. We each open one gift that night. The stockings and rest of the gifts have to wait for morning. My favorite is the stocking that my girls do for me. It usually includes some make-up, my favorite chocolate, a quilting magazine, some hand cream and an assortment of other goodies.
I'm getting so excited talking about Christmas! Wishing you and yours a peaceful and happy holiday.

Tea Time and Roses said...

I am a first time visitor, thank you so much Karen! Yes sweet Karen from eye-dyllic sent me! Oh my, I love so much about Christmas I do not know where to start! Pretty lights, handmade gifts, the smiles the season brings, sugar cookies, eggnog, glittery cards, the cool December breezes, the gathering of family and friends. But most of all it is the celebrating of my Saviour's Birth and the light Baby Jesus brought into this world.

My favorite things are gifts of paper, and wonderful chocolate!!

Merry Christmas!


Shannon's Stuff said...

I love this time of the year. As you can tell in my last post I have been walking down memory lane and remembering when my boys were little. It was so much fun then. It is still fun, but in a different way. Our family has many traditions. David has been buying me small Christmas houses from as long as I can remember, so they must be put out every year. I always keep nuts (so I can use my nutcracker), chocolate covered cherries, and bake lots during this time. We tend to spend more time with our family. I love going to look at Christmas lights. It is just a really special time of the year. Merry Christmas everyone!

Annette said...

Some of my favorites are my kids' getting excited over decorating their tree, baking cookies and watching my favorite movie National Lampoons Christmas. I also love choclate covered cherries, but miss seeing my grandma open the same gift of cherries every year- she loved them. I think of her every time I see them on the store shelf. I feel so rushed this year & hope to finally start enjoying the season. My hubby is also funny watching Ralphie (Christmas Story) over & over and laughing out loud.
Happy Holidays Sheila!

susan grandey said...

Keeping traditions is a biggy at our home and we absolutely love going to Gran's on Christmas Eve and eating steaks and twice baked potatoes! (I know that's not traditional but we love it!). We open presents and all the grandchildren get great big stockings so big they could almost fit into them ful of great treats!
Then on Christmas Day we load up and go to the other Granny's house for lunch and opening gifts again!
Santa still makes his visit each year even though Lauren and Leah are 15 and 19! They love wearing their Christmas PJ's too!

justabeachkat said...

I'm probably too late, but I was out of town. Anway, it's a wonderful idea.

I love Christmas music, candles, making cookies, enjoying pretty ornaments, drinking hot chocolate or egg nog, snuggling under a blanket in front of the fire....awwww, these are a few of my favorite things.

Christmas hugs,

Alison Cummins said...

There are so many things that I love about this time of year. I enjoy putting up my tree, listening to my "Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton" christmas CD.(Mike always has laughed about that one.),going to see the Rockettes with my family, but this year, a bunch of teachers from Morrison are going, eating dinner at Granny Ma's, buying for the less fortunate, all of the beautiful decorations around town, seeing Arden's face on Christmas morning, my break from school, and spending time with my family and friends.
Thanks for letting me share.

Merry Christmas

Country Cottage Chic said...

I followed KJ's link to your giveaway. What a sweet idea!

Christmas always starts for me on the 1st December when I hang the wreath on the front door & make my first batch of mincepies. I love the shopping for gifts with my family, the special menus at restaurants, the tins of biscuts & chocolates, the sparlkling decorations at the shops, the festive atmosphere everywhere, the houses in my village twinkling with lights at night. Helping at the annual village Christmas party, inviting friends around for a Christmas tea.

I love gift wrapping & decorating the house,, hiding the carefully chosen gifts away, baking with my daughter.

As for "things" I love vintage Christmas decorations, chocolate, teddy bears, fabrics, handmade things, baking & reading.

Andi said...

Hi...I came by way of KJ's blog and am most delighted to be here!

Merry Christmas to you...please feel welcome to stop by my blog sometime as well.

My favorite things...raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...
actually...I see so many already listed in other comments.

Boston Terrier's...ours is my very favorite! PEZ Dispensers, Nutcrackers, vintage Christmas Ornaments, Starbucks, Christmas Music...surprises.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

The Craven's said...

Jump over to my blog, you have been tagged, my friend!