Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tip Tuesday "Only One day late"

OK, so only one day late on this post....whew improvement is in sight! lol My tip for this week is sort of a " cop-out" too, like my Menu planning this lately I have been running on adrenaline and I have been over the top trying to shop for gifts, do my holiday baking, Christmas parties, and then add work on top of that , Junior Auxiliary and Christmas in the park...whew.....I am soo tired. Myself, like all of you, we know we should slow down and breath...for a moment. My tip is simple....let others help you when they can, ask for help to accomplish the task that need completion...and if you don't get it "all" done, so what, just try to take a few moments for yourself and your family.....those are truly our "gifts" our blessings during the Holiday season...Much love, I hope to post about my Christmas party later this week...right now I am trying desperately to catch my breath. Much love to you all and take a moment to just "breath"


justabeachkat said...

Oh Girl! I soooooooooo know what you mean. Life has been so c-r-a-z-y! Just wanted to stop by and say "hi" and Merry Christmas!


Alison Cummins said...

Hey there,
I haven't been a very good blogger friend lately, so I thought I would drop you a "Merry Christmas" to you and your wonderful family. I know you will make many memories this year. I saw your gorgeous card hanging up over at Carrie's yesterday. So pretty!!!

Love to you and yours,