Sunday, December 7, 2008


courtesy of flicker
Yes, Sunday is my favorite day of the week!!! The picture above reminds me of peace. I crave simplicity and peace in my life. I love everything about Sundays and the tranquility it brings for me, my home, and my family. I try very hard to do no manual labor on this day. What makes it special to me first and foremost is the freedom to worship God. I pray that our nation will always allow us this freedom. The next special part of this day is the wonderful meal at my in-laws. It has nothing to do with the food, everything to do with our time spent together as a family. I love the Sunday paper, and I have a very specific way of reading it (has to be in certain order..haha). I try to take some time to look over my schedule for the coming week, I menu plan with my family on Sundays, and plan as many ways to help us get thought the next week with little to no stress as possible (impossible to accomplish)! I make special time with each child. We share current news, thoughts, fears, and coming events in our lives. This helps me feel connected to their independent lives as young adults. I try to do this on a daily basis, but it just seems that Sunday is a slower paced day for all of us! I sometimes even sneak in a nap if time permits.

Now it's your turn how do you spend your Sunday? What day is your favorite day and what makes it special to you and your loved ones.

Have a blessed Sunday!


Paula B. said...

I spend my Sunday's :
Getting up at 6:30
Making Breakfast
Getting to Church at 9:00(starts at 9:30, Don't want to be late. Ha)
Going to lunch with friends and family.
Coming Home, washing a load of clothes.
Getting a nap.
Making dinner.
Going back to Church at 6:00
Coming back Home AND GOING TO BED!
It was so Good talking to you the other day.
I just Love You

justabeachkat said...

I love Sundays too. I love love love my church and I always feel refreshed and ready to begin a new week after I go.

I did a post on my day today. Exhausting. I wish I had taken a nap!

Merry Christmas