Friday, December 5, 2008

Tis the Season.......

Wow can you believe it is December! Where did November go? I guess this month will go by just as quickly. I vow to keep it simple (well as much as possible) this time of year! Our family had a wonderful Thanksgiving, very traditional, spent with family, enjoying the fun times and taking a peek at a summer wedding in the process of being planned by Richard's Aunt and her sweet daughter.
The shopping was eventful to say the least. Friday was Chaos!! The Saturday shopping trip with my girlfriends was wonderful....we shopped, laughed, talked, ate, and just caught up on each others lives. Thank you Barbara, Glenda, and Paula!!! I made it home literally changed shoes and Richard and I headed out the door to the surprise party for Jeff Hobbs. Tina did a fabulous job of surprising him. Happy 50th Jeff!

Christmas in the Park was a huge success! There were so many little ones out, the smiles on their sweet faces said it all. The new laminar project was just beautiful and I think this is going to be a wonderful tradition that we decide to continue and hopefully it will grow with each year. We decided to purchase a brick in honor of our Warren County Children who are battling cancer. They were there to be honored for the ceremony. It was just very special and everyone was reminded of what this season is truly all about.

I opened my eyes Wednesday morning and felt like I could breath again, until Richard reminded me to look at my calendar for the remainder of the month! Whew....he just wanted me to remember to take it "one day at a time". There are 4 more Christmas parties, another surprise birthday party, and caroling, gifts to wrap, outside decorating to finish. Will we ever finish our to-do list?

This reminded me of the book we are studying on Wednesday night Ladies class. The theme of the book is based on keeping everything in balance. It has been a blessing to have this mid week bible study to remind us to keep things prioritized in our lives. We should never be to busy to put God first, and remember who is truly in control! God takes care of the whole world and he still has time for us! The least we can do is give him our time and attention, regardless of how large our to-do list is. I just wanted to remind you as I try desperately to remind myself to take a deep breath, give God the glory for the blessing, thank him for the gift of his Son, and just try hard not to sweat the small stuff the next few weeks.

Have a blessed weekend!

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