Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Guess What I got for Christmas??

Richard's Gift

Sheila's Gift

No I did not get a 40" flat screen HD LCD TV, but guess WHO did??? It is all he has talked about for months. So Santa was good to him this year. Of course me, being the wonderful wife that I am we just had to reward him. If you know Richard he is so humble and never ask for anything for himself so it was so easy to give in to his "little boy lust" for this "big boy toy"! To add to his cause he was.....yes you guess it, He was not feeling too well during Christmas, actually he was just down right sick....but you wouldn't have known that on Christmas morning! It was shameless, you just had to be there to see his face................... when Brittney and Ethan were ready to see what Santa had brought them....lol
Of course him being the wonderful husband that he is, he just had to share with me! Yes he gave me his cold! Yuck I have been so sick, but at least I avoided it until Saturday, the house was clean, toys (gifts) put away and then I could at last rest (be sick)! We are talking in bed for two days! I did go to the doctor today. I asked for a shot and medicine. I am feeling much better I might add.

He did take care of me in~between hooking up/playing with his Toy!
Thank you God for antibiotic shots and meds. we have a New Years Celebration after Church Wednesday night, his department from Ben Lomand are coming to the house Friday night for a Holiday party/get together, and I have family coming in from Alabama Saturday! There is no time to be sick! There is cooking, cleaning, party planning and much fun to be had.............................................................................................
yes Virgina there is a Santa Clause, but he is on Vacation after December 25th!!

I hope everyone hears/reads the sarcasm/joking in my voice/typing. I am very blessed to have a wonderful, faithful and devoted husband and two healthy loving children to share life with and I never forget this, even in the midst of our chaos! lol
I wish you all a very Happy New Year and safe and happy memory making Holiday with your loved ones ( even if they make you sick at times.) lol
Much Love and New Years Blessing from our Family to yours!!!
Coming soon "Dollar Store Christmas" just for you Jessica!


Khadra said...

Oh no!! Sorry you are sick :(

justabeachkat said...

Awwww, sweet Sheila! I'm so sorry you've been sick. Not fun any time, but especially during the Holidays.


Debbie said...

I am glad you are feeling better. It is so hard when you feel bad during the holidays. Maybe the sunshine the last few days will help! Happy New Year, love, Debbie

Paula B. said...

Sheila, I hope you have a Happy New Year.
Take it easy and don't wear yourself out right before we have to go back to school!
Love, Paula

Susan said...

Oh Sheila I am so sorry you have been sick "again"! You just got better from your last sickness. I am so glad that you all have had a good vacation but it seems like you are still going strong with your parties! Fun, Fun!!
You will have to come back to work to get some rest! LOL!
Thanks for leaving the nice comments on my blog. For some reason it did not publish when I clicked on it to. But thanks so much. We are all blessed to have our families with us and so close!

Happy New Year!

The Craven's said...

Happy New Year!