Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Dashing through the snow...Well we don't have snow, but it has been pretty cold lately. Has everyone's Holiday season been as hectic as mine?? I kid you not, I have will have attended between 12/15 events by the end of this month and several I have hosted!! Busy as a bee here, and it doesn't look as if it is going to slow down. I am not complaining God has blessed me and I am so grateful for the fellowship and friendship most of all.

I headed out with my friend Tawanna for a girl trip yesterday!! I miss her so much since she has been living in North Carolina and I love when she is in and we get some time together! I had a dr. Appt in Murfreesboro and a little stocking stuffer shopping to do. Have I mentioned how much I love stuffing stockings for my family?? We open gifts on Christmas morning and after the gifts we empty our stockings!! I love this part most!! I always include a card that I have written on Christmas Eve and placed in each of my loved ones stocking. I try to let them know how much the last year has meant to me and how important they are in my life. It is a tradition that I hope to continue even after they are married.
Today I had a fabulous day with friends we celebrated a brunch at Harvest Farms and it was scrumptious! If you have not visited in awhile you should check them out. I would have taken pics. my camera is on the blink...hmm wonder if Santa is listening?? Anywho, big hugs and thanks goes out to my sweet co-worker and friend Ms. Wendy, for the invitation! Wendy, girl you ROCK!
There are still last minute things on the list that need to be completed but after lunch tomorrow, hopefully I will be able to relax!

From our house to yours Merry Christmas and may you all have a safe, happy, fun filled day with your loved ones!


Khadra said...

Merry Christmas!

Linda said...

Yes our Christmas was busy as well. It amazing that the date never changes yet I am never fully prepared. I gave the time to figure out the list. I am sorry about that but I enjoyed reading yours and playing along in my mind.
Merry Christmas!

Jess said...

i was waiting anxiously for dollar tree christmas!! ha funny.i have laughed so much about this ..thank u for that!!