Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Waiting on Spring!!!

Is it just me or is anyone out there ready for Spring? Next week starts our two week Spring Break, and I am so hoping for good weather. I have several projects planned. No exciting trips (yet.) I am planning on getting a head start on Spring Cleaning so I will be able to enjoy Summer Break! YEAH
I am calling the Carpet Cleaners! I plan to clean all of the windows.....whew!! Change out my wardrobe, and maybe just have a little leisure time on my hands to get caught up on my reading list!
What are you Spring Break plans? Please share but if it includes some exotic warm weather area I will try not to be too jealous!


Natalie Miller said...

We went on vaction a week early so I cheated--next week I am going to try to relax some and enjoy my kids and try to slow down! Nothing exciting just laying around and playing with the kids! I hope you have a great spring break!
Love ya,

KJ said...

WOW, you sound like a spring-cleaning machine! I'm impressed. I'm afraid that I'm not feeling that motivated right now. Too much energy being used on other matters. I would love to string a hammock up in my yard and just waft in the wind!

Thanks for you prayers! Things are coming together...slowly. I suppose I could handle a little more speed...

LOL! Well, I stayed up to get some things done tonight and I am starting to wind down.



Kari & Kijsa said...

Can't wait for the warm weather!!!

kari & kijsa

Ashley's Attic said...

Have a great spring BREAK! You deserve it!