Monday, March 17, 2008


What a way to begin my Spring Break! I wake up this morning and find out our sweet Czar was hit by a truck. The person who hit him was one of our neighbors and a wonderful man. It was not his fault, Czar stepped out in front of him? Ethan took him to the Vet and he is currently sedated for shock. They think he may only have a broken jaw bone? I know he has a concussion, and he was so scared! They plan to do Xray and check him out later this afternoon. They gave him a shot and they are waiting for him to come out of the shock before they begin treatment? He is such a good boy, and we love him! I really felt my mother instincts when he came up to me and layed his body in my lap for comfort! I guess it really doesn't matter as long as your a female they know you will take care of them!

I am out the door at this moment to pick up my car from the shop. That is another story in itself! lol I hope this week begins to pick up and go in totally different direction than this! I can not complain, all in all I am blessed beyond measure, our sweet Czar could not have survived. I count my blessings!!!!
Happy St. Patricks Day to you all.....


KJ said...

Hi Sheila! I'm sorry to hear about Czar! I will pray for a full recovery! May the rest of your day be the best of your day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Simply Joy Catering said...

Hi Shelia,

I am so sorry about Czar! We have two babies. Boomer is a Collie and Baby is a German Shepard. We love our animals so much too! I hope everything goes well!

Thanks for sending me the e-mail helping me! I really do appreciate you and your friendship!

Love You Lots,


PS-Have a GREAT Spring Break!

Kelly said...

Hey Sheila, Sorry to hear about Czar. Hope everything goes well. I love animals. Keep me informed. Love Ya, Oh yeah, lunch sounds great, just let me know. My cell is 743-1860.

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope that sweet boy is ok. I am so sensitive for animals I almost cried reading this...I know, I am a crybaby. Hope he is ok, I love those sweet dogs sitting at the window in church looking at us! keep us updated.