Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday Tip Nov 13th

Girls, I know the Holidays are upon us. We are running on adrenaline and we have a million and one things to do. This month is Thanksgiving and if you are like me you are already planning for Christmas, there are just not enough hours in our days.
Lets all stop and take a deep breath and find some time to rejuvenate our body and soul. In this fast pace world of ours it is essential that we females carve out a little time for ourselves. This is not selfish nor is it unfair to take time to unwind. Your family will thank you for it.
I know you say "who has the time"! Well that is the idea, take the time, renew your soul, and I assure you the benefits will far outweigh the cost. My tip for today is simply "MAKE TIME FOR YOU" I have listed a few ideas below, please post your ideas on how you pamper yourselves or simply unwind. The list is unlimited, may you have a blessed day!!
Create a home spa- bubble bath, candles, and aromatherapy products.
Sip a cup of hot tea (fave. drink) and read a book.
Read and study a Chapter of our Bibles. Start a Journal.


terriblespeller said...

Thanks, I am getting stressed just thinking about shopping and I also have two kid's birthdays coming up.

justabeachkat said...

Hi Sheila

I did some shopping tonight. It was actually fun. A little glass of wine afterwards helped :-)

You're right though...we must take care of ourselves.


KJ said...

Amen, sister!

Thanks for a nice visit!