Friday, November 16, 2007

TGIF looking towards busy Weekend!!!

Wow the weeks are just rushing on past, now that the Holiday season is upon us. I just spent a week at work, a meeting earlier this week for Junior Auxiliary, and several nights caring for sick daughter (bronchitis) and a day or so with a sick husband (that only happens 1 year) and now I am looking to my weekend calendar and all I can say is aaarggghhh....My weekend looks pretty full at this point. It amazes me how we go to work Mon-Fri and still have so much work to do in our down time. House work, meetings, etc. I have a meeting Saturday morning re: to Christmas in Park, then shopping for Holiday ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner, clean and organize the home office (should be 1st priority) maybe get a little Christmas shopping out of the way. Of course all the usual, cooking, laundry, cleaning and Church on Sunday. Somehow, some way we are adding a little fun in there. lol A mothers work is never done. Retirement is looking so good today!! hehehe...Much love to everyone, get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather we have been so blessed with. I hope you and your family have a rest~ful and fun~ filled weekend.

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justabeachkat said...

I hope you managed to find a little down time for yourself. I didn't realize you worked. What do you do?