Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Heart with a Smile!!!!

I woke up this morning just smiling and happy and content inside. It is Thanksgiving Eve and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thanksgiving. I talked to several girls this morning in regards to Christmas in Park responsibilities and hopefully I was able to help them. Did I mention I love I read my comments on here and my heart started to smile...then I read this on my sidebar for christian mothers, I just had to put it out here in this post in case you missed it there. So smile as you go about your work today, and thank God for the many blessing he gives us. As for me, my heart is just overflowing with happy right now......

****Smile often, and let kindness be a cloak you wear as an example to your children****

1 comment:

justabeachkat said...

You make me smile sweet friend! I'm thankful for your friendship.

Have a wonderful blessed Thanksgiving.