Sunday, September 2, 2007

Win Some-Lose Some!!!!!

Well first off, I hope my husband doesn't read this...but if you are male, in Tennessee, you know that UT lost last night. If you will recall, we were at the State Horse Show to see my little sweet ones(Jalen and Jensen) and their dad J.B ride. OK, we can go nowhere during football season unless there is a T.V. available. I convince him either we will be home in time, or we will watch from the T.V. in the camper (my in-laws) take for the horse show weekend. The trip starts out with radio (which I could care less). I have magazines too look at) he is listening to the MTSU
game. I am content riding and reading, and half way there he is really aggravated. I look up,
from my magazine and make the first mistake, of asking "what's wrong"? OMG, MTSU is loosing, I prayed a silent prayer for the game later tonight!! We all know how that one went. NEVER tell a man "it's just a game"
Anywho!!! On the winning side...Jalen and Jensen and J.B. did some winning last night and several trophies were involved. I will post with pictures of my sweet little ones and their accomplishments....So ladies last night needless to say there was no dinner involved unless you count a walking taco from the vendor, and shopping who's going shopping when you make the comment "it's only a game"!!!!! Until the next peace and thank God for food vendors at a horse show.....hahahaha

P.S. My husband is a sweetheart and today it really is only a game....or at least he is acting that way....hahaha


LeAnne Grissom said...

OMG Sheila, it sound like my kind of trip, but it would be Dave Ramsey on the radio. I can't wait to see the pictures from the show. Thanks for the sweet comment. The boys love the pic of Ethan with his gun. They want to take theirs when Julie comes out in October.

Tonya said...

NEVER NEVER say it's just a game!! We just don't talk much on football days around my house! Hope you're feeling better.

Alison Cummins said...

I feel your pain! My hubby is totally obsessed with all sports, but especially football, so I know how you feel. Let's all just say a little prayer for the "Pinky" and hope that Ainge is on the road to recovery! :) Although, I am pretty sure that his injury had NOTHING to do with how we played last night!!
Thanks for the sweet comments.

justabeachkat said...

Boy, can I identify with this post! I try to stay clear when his team is playing, whether they're winning or not. Either way...he's loud! LOL


Danielle said...

I enjoyed visiting with you last night. How fortunate you are to have such a wonderful family. The Boyd's are wonderful people.