Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Richard, My Love

Richard is celebrating a birthday today.
If you don't know Richard, you really should.
He is the best Man I have ever met. I am not
saying this because he is "my" husband, everyone
who has had the pleasure of meeting him, knows this.
He truly show others how to live a christian life. He is
everything God intended a husband and father to be.
We are so lucky to have your guidance and love in our
family. I have been blessed beyond measure with you
as my mate. You are so kind and loving. You work so
hard for our family, not only at your job, but also in
leading our home. You are supportive of me and our
children. I love you more with each passing year.
You truly complete me. You make me reach higher,
strive harder, and never let me give up.
I am so grateful for your love and your example.
Richard, you are my best friend, and I hope you
have a very happy birthday.
All my love, All my life........

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justabeachkat said...

Happy Birthday to Richard!

What a sweet tribute you've written. Good job.