Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday's Tip

It's Tuesday, time for helpful hint...hmm what shall I post today...remember this is a work in progress. haha
This one is for the mother of young children, or grandmothers. I really had to dig back a ways to find this one since my children are teenagers and older. Please test these methods on inside of hemline or a part of the garmet that would not be damaged, before you begin.
How to remove Baby Formula:

For whites clothing, try applying lemon juice to the stain
and laying it in the sun. Pretreat and launder as usual.
Unseasoned meat tenderizer is great for removing formula
and baby food stains also.
1. Make a paste of the tenderizer and cool water, rub the stain. Let it
sit for an hour or so before laundering. Make sure launder several
times to remove all remains of paste, we don't want to irritate baby
soft skin. If you child has allergies may try other methods.
Meat tenderizer contains an
enzyme that breaks down protein stains.
(make sure you use unseasoned tenderizer)
2. Soaking colored clothes and whites in Brilliant Bleach is also effective,
you may have to soak for several days to achieve the desired results.
(this bleach is non-chlorine, so safe for baby's things)
I do hope this tip has been helpful to you, and I hope this helps make
laundry day alot happier....

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Alison Cummins said...

Good tips Sheila! These will be especially helpful for me...about the end of May ;)