Monday, April 28, 2008

You Inspire Me

I have been away for several weeks recovering from the worst bout of the flu imaginable to mankind! lol I wanted to thank all of you for the cards, phone calls, and sweet comments.
I am late in posting this award from Joy. I read the definition and felt so honored. Thank you Joy.

I have a little challenge to help us all be an inspiration.
1. I have not always been faithful in being positive or uplifting or inspiring to others around me.
2. Yes I have had my feelings hurt, and I have hurt others feelings at times.
3. I also have asked for forgiveness, and understanding and compassion.
4. I feel the world is full of negativity and strife and hurt. God doesn't need me adding to it.
5. Yes, I know we are female with hormones and they run rampant at times.
6. I also know that we should practice self control, and we must work on keeping our anger and negative feelings in check. This only hurts us.
7. I am old enough to know this one thing. We are Female, we need each other, the world is ready to tearing us down enough, we sure don't need to hurt each other.
8. Lets all inspire to be what God would have us be.
9. Our time here is limited and should be spent striving to live a Christ like life.
10. It is so easy to forgive and move on.
11. We need to work on loving our neighbor and do good to our enemy. In doing so we may lead someone to Christ and make a friend.

I feel so blessed and honored to spend time with other people open your family, your home, and your thoughts and so many of you are beyond talented. I pray that we all work hard to encourage one another. Truthfully, our goal here is to make it to heaven and help those who are lost make it. Life is too short to be angry, bitter and jealous.
As I said earlier I hope you take on this challenge. Lets all try to inspire and live a life of
Peace and love. I share and pass along this award to you who are reading this.
God bless!


terriblespeller said...

YOU sound like the nicest person EVER!

Simply Joy Catering said...


You are absolutely 100% on the money with this. There is too much drama in todays society. People want to focus on themselves and not ignoring things that may annoy them and quit dwelling on such petty things. When Dillon became so ill last January and almost died, our familes life changed...then when he fell a few months later and broke his hip...what an eye opener...then to have our home destroyed by a tornado...and losing our worldly possessions not bothered us, it was seeing John Ryan in the barn holding on to a 6 x 6 post and seeing it being completely blown away and not being able to get to him and not even knowing if we would ever find him. My life is focused on God and Jesus' plan of salvation and my family. I have faltered in the past, but I have been publically forgiven and forgiven by God for all of my wrong doings.

Horomones, fussing, worry, negativity, and every other petty thing that some may dwell upon is not my cup of tea. Right now, I am so blessed by having such a wonderful Christian example like YOU to just lay it out on the line and dealing with such an issue like inspire me even more! I don't do what I do for a "pat on the back", I do it because it is the right thing in God's eyes. My #1 thing in life is to get to heaven. Thank you for expressing exactly how I really feel without me having to post it on my blog!

I Love You!

Only Through Him,