Sunday, April 13, 2008

I have been on a blog vacation!!

Yes, as I live and breath and as my post says, I have been on a little break! I just needed some time to devote to family and work! We all just finished our annual (TCAP) test for our school system this week, need I say more!
I have also been very busy with Junior Auxiliary the last couple of weeks. We had a successful Easter Egg Hunt, Hopping Into Health, Jr Miss Pageant, and finishing my treasurer duties for our fiscal year.
I did take some time to check on each of my blog friends this week and imagine my surprise when I realized I had been given an award this week. The same award by 3 special and sweet ladies. I was so honored and I wanted to take a moment to thank each of these friends.
All of the blogs I read, and especially these girls make my day!
Tabetha Sullens at Reminiscence Heirlooms: Tabetha, I admire you so much. She is just a great Christian wife, mother and she is a "rockstar" when it come to creating masterpieces! She is also a wonderful friend and she not only makes my day, but so many others! Thank you Tab!
KJ at eye-dyllic: KJ is so talented and I love to visit her blog and am so inspired by her ability to write! We keep each other in our daily prayers, for this I am so thankful. Thank you KJ
Rennie at All that Glitters: Rennie, this young lady is so happy, you can see it in her smile. I love her blog, and I always leave with a smile. Her love for God and her post are so inspiring and I look forward to each visit.

Please grab a cup of coffee and visit each of these ladies, you will be better afterward.

Now the hard part I must pass this on to 5 ladies who make my day.

Brandie at Dream Custom Artwork: Brandie is just a natural talent. Not only with a paintbrush, but also in the classroom. I am blessed to work with her and call her my friend.
Rhoda at Southern Hospitality: She is she is so talented and I so enjoy visiting her and seeing all her decorating and design talents.
Ashley at Forever Flowers Jewelry: Ashley is Brandie's sister and a family friend. Talent sure runs in this family! Who would have ever thought of making lasting treasure with flowers! She is so unique.
DebraK at Bunnie Bungalow: Debrak is a recent retiree and she has an eye for bargains and she also is so good at decorating and I love my visits!
Leanne at Lot of Loops: Leanne teaches, creates beautiful bows for little girls, and she is also my JA sister. She is a wonderful christian wife, mother and I admire her so.

Please go and spend a moment with these wonderful ladies and let them make your day too. Thank you to all my blog friends for sharing your lives and letting me share in your memories.


Brandie said...

Thanks so much Sheila! You always manage to make my day as well. Thanks so much for the very sweet compliments.

Rennie (Cantrell) Topper said...

Thanks for saying such sweet things about me. I LOVE your blog. And you deserve the award I gave you. I enjoy visiting daily.


Ashley Barnes said...

Thank you Sheila!

LeAnne Grissom said...

Thank you so very much. I needed this today. You are an inspiration to me also.