Thursday, June 5, 2008

Through the eyes of a child.....

This was the fun part of my day!!
I agree with Maxine, I trying really hard!!

Today has been very rewarding day! I woke up this morning and was so happy because my sweet Brittney was off from work today..yeah!! I did not get to go to my water aerobics class today due to other commitments I had made, so off Brittney I go to walk! We walked 2 miles in 30 minutes. I had a hard time keeping up with her "she had to slow down for me." Walking 2 miles in 30 minutes is not done by walking leisurely I assure you. We came home and enjoyed some great tasting water. I am trying to add water to my exercise plan, I am staying on top of it to make sure I get at least 8 glasses a day but my goal is 12 glasses a day.

After a quick shower I headed next door to pick up my sweet little 5 year old nephew, Jensen.His brother, Jalen is attending YSI for the next two weeks so he could not go with us. We buckled up and headed for town. Thursday will be our day to visit the Children's Library. I can not put into words how happy this time spent with my little guy made me. When we arrived we signed up for the summer program, the theme will be Outer Space!! How much fun is that going to be!! We also signed Jalen and Karigan up for later. Ladies if you have a little one, or a little friend, this is so much fun. I did not get to participate with Brittney and Ethan when they were younger, because I was a full time working mother. Anywho back to our Library visit. I thought today was the kickoff, but it is next Thursday. They did have story time scheduled and they had a special guest, Justin, he played his guitar and sang. The children really enjoyed it, I wish I had my camera with me, oh well maybe next time. We will definitely be back next Thursday for the kick off of the summer program. Of course, Jalen and Karigan (when she can make it) will come along too. By this time my heart is full of happy. I promised Jensen a happy meal and/or Ice Cream, if he would be nice enough to let me do a little shopping for Vacation Bible School (I had a plan ladies.) What 5 year old turns down Ice Cream. I must admit, Jensen is a very helpful and patient shopper.

We did finish our VBS shopping, our theme this year is "Castaway Bay". I am helping Richard teach the 5th-8th graders, so we needed some serious decorations!!! We found everything we needed and last but not least we head out for a Happy Meal including a Frosty! Yummy.....I did at one point ask Jensen if he had fun, all the while praying that he was not burnt out on his first day, to my surprise he said YES!!!

Life is good when all it takes is some music, reading a book, and the promise of Ice Cream to make your day. I took him home for a nap, and seriously considered one myself! lol

Thursdays may turn out to be my favorite day of the week. Jensen may have had a good day, but right now my cup is running over with happy.....
I must run we have a homemade tent to put up in our classroom at church (I will post on that later)......hope you all have a blessed and beautiful day......


Blair said...

I am going to try this blog thing but i am not sure how to tell u where mine is, i think if u go to my profile you can see it - maybe?

justabeachkat said...

Remember me? I've been so bad about blog reading lately...not because I don't want to read, but because of my crazy life recently. Lots of company, which has been wonderful and then all the medical tests, etc. You've been a busy, busy girl. I've really enjoyed reading your posts I've missed. Exercising in the pool sounds like a great way to get fit and stay cool.