Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday Tip...HELP!!!!!!

This pic. made me laugh. Wow, do I relate to this man!!! Do you ever have one of those weeks, you feel like you are just going through the motions? I must be having one. It has taken me forever to get back into the grove of things since Christmas break? I am getting there just moving in slow motion it seems! So I have racked my brain, looked through books and read online to come up with this weeks Tuesday Tip, nothing seem like the right one to post! So after much deliberation and thought, I have decided to turn things around. I tried this a few weeks ago, no one commented :( I will try again! I want to turn things around, and let you post your helpful hints! Just post a old faithful, product, anything that has worked for you and has become a time saver! Hopefully we will be back to normal next week, this week I need your help! Have a blessed week......

Please post a comment with your helpful, time saving,
product, or life altering hint!!!!


Donna Spangler said...

Hi Sheila,
My name is Donna Spangler. I am a friend of Joy Tubb. Isnt she something else? She was so great to let me know about this blog world that is going on. I am a long time resident of McMinnville, who lives now in nashville. So, I dont have much connection with anyone right now. Boy, has that been difficult. I miss all of my relatives and friends from McMinnville.
I dont know exactly what kind of tips you want, but here goes. My mind never stops on how to create different stuff, or different ways to decorate. This was one I stumbled on recently. I was shopping around last week, and ran into lots of Valentines Day Stuff. I was needing to move my 2 yr old granddaughter into another room, since her mom(my daughter) was moving in with us while her new husband is going through basic training in the army. I found a valentines table runner made with three large quilted hearts,and then quilted heart individual placemats. These were just the thing I could use on the baby's new room walls. They made darling and unique hangings, and I attached clipped bling-bling dragonflies onto them in different places. She just loved them!

Simply Joy Catering said...

Hi Shelia,

You know that I am a list maker. I have a list for camping, the beach, church trips with the youth group, and whatever else my kids drag me off to.

The big thing now is being organized when you leave home. I hate to get somewhere and not have something. Anywho, what I am trying to get at is...keeping a list on your refrigerator or in a notebook so you can write down things that you need to accomplish so the next task can get completed without leaving anything off. I write down things for today yesterday as I thought of them. Does that make sense? Then, if I am going to the grocery or shopping, I can get everything for that day without forgetting something. And if it is a special trip or event, I keep all of those lists in a binder so I can go back and look at them to see what I took the last time.

I hope that this helps!


justabeachkat said...

No ideas tonight...too sleepy.

I've tagged you for a fun meme.


DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

A helpful household hint.....put the kitchen trash bags in the bottom of the trash can, It's handy to have them there when you take out the trash usually take them out of the box & throw them in the bottom of the can.

I've tagged you too but I see you were tagged by Kat....oh well.
Hugs, DebraK

Peggy said...

Thanks folks, those are all great tips. Two from me...Have you ever cut up your kids pancakes with a pizza cutter? Saves time.
How about putting a tea towel in the bottom of your refrigerator drawer where you store the perishables? Just throw it in the wash later.
I came across your blog when surfing a link from someone else. It's so fun to read other's blogs. Keep it up. Peggy

Ashley's Attic said...

I love making cupcakes; it is a hobby of mine. Many of my friends and family ask me to bring my cupcakes to parties and get-togethers when they come up and maybe one or two times I have been caught without the time to make the cupcakes from scratch (or even from a box!) so I have been forced to get a replacement dessert from the grocery store...usually I just go ahead and get cupcakes from the bakery at the store. Everybody always knows that they aren't my cupcakes because of how perfect and uniform the icing is on top. I read recently in a magazine a great way to "cheat" with store-bought cupcakes to make them your own. If you have a moment at home with the (yellow or white icing and plain icing!) cupcakes before you take them to the event - get an icing spreader and smooth out that icing on top, make it look a little more imperfect! Then if you really want to put your personal touch to them; put on some sprinkles, or grate a little lemon or orange zest over the tops of the cupcakes. Voila! You put a lot of love into the cupcakes and no one has to know that you didn't really put a lot of time into them!

Also, I miss you Sheila! You weren't at Executive Board or at General Meeting and I was really looking forward to seeing you!You're just one of those people that a person doesn't like to go a month without talking to and I thought I'd let you know that!

Ashley's Attic said...

"Yellow or white cake", I meant in my comment, not "yellow or white icing"...makes a bit of a difference!

justabeachkat said...

Hi there! Where have you been while I was away. No new posting? Hope all is okay.

Stop by when you get a chance. I've given you an award.


justabeachkat said...

I'm starting to worry. Where are you?!


Alison Cummins said...

Okay, Sheila...I miss you!!! I hope you are just busy and nothing is wrong!!!! Please give us an update, soon!!!!!!!


Sheila said...

Thank you one an all for the helpful hints, and the concern on my blog vacation!!! It is so good to have those who care, I promise next time to explaine myself before I leave!!! lol Much love to you all, have a wonderful weekend!!!