Saturday, January 21, 2012

"Our Daughter's Happily Ever After"

This is one of the many wonderful things that happened in our life last year!!  She was a beautiful bride and he was a handsome groom...we pray for a long and happy life for them both, and we pray for God to be the center of their home as they raise Isabella and future children...May God bless and keep them.


Linda said...

Hey Shelia!!! So glad you are back.. I blog off and on but try to keep up with others. I was sorry to hear about your 2009 year but glad life is looking up.. Your granddaughter is precious and your daughter made a gorgeous bride!!

Sheila said...

thank you Linda...I just got this post so sorry have been a bad blogger...but hopefully this year will put more effort into it...want to one day have it for my my new year resolution is for balance in all areas of my life...hopefully i will be back here daily or few times weekly at least. Hope your sweet family is doing well, and talk to you soon.