Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Days!!!

    Do you remember the old sitcome "Happy Days" it was a show about life in bygone era!!  It makes you wish for simpler times and it seems that all the problems were solved by the end of the program.  Well I was just thinking how these are my "happy days" so much has happened these last two years, there has been so much change. Loss of my dear Mother, the accident with my nephew (which has been a loss of a big part of our sweet boy Jamie), the loss of children living at home (Ethan moved out).  I believe with the loss God brings us the balance of friends, family, and loved ones  and joy to go along with the sadness we may have experienced.  God has an amazing way of balancing our lives, if we allow him to.  He is the only true and faithful balance and he brings peace that to our lives. 
     At the moment it is "happy days" around the Boyd household!! We know those "sad days" will return and we will endure, we will forge ahead with whatever life has to bring our way, always knowing in who we put our trust, devotion, and faith to lead us through and carry us when we can no longer stand.  We will have "happy days" again because he has promised to care for us if we will cast our cares on him.  Thank you God for your presence and forgiveness and love and most of all for the sacrifice you made for me....Thank you for these "happy days" all good things come from you.

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Justabeachkat said...

So very true! Our God is ALWAYS there, no matter the good times and the bad. Thank you God for that promise!