Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Only for a Season

photo courtesy of flicker God understands our prayers,
even when we can't find the words to say them

I have been beyond slacking on my blogging lately. As you may have read earlier this summer I have been dealing with my Mom going into the Nursing Home in Michigan. I just have been so overwhelmed with life, and these "emotional feelings" were beginning to get the best of me. I have never in my life cried at the drop of a hat until about a month ago, or at least I don't think I have. There have been lots of changes going on around me and it has just been so out of control for me. I like routine, and order and I like to feel as if when change comes I can handle it! Not as of lately.
I truly have nothing and I mean nothing to complain about, or worry over really. I just have been feeling unsure of things lately. This is a new feeling and uncertainly that I am not comfortable with. Well girls, God gives us exactly what we need, if we will slow down and listen long enough, then God will guide us to the answers we are searching for.

This past weekend I went for a visit to see my Mom. I had a great visit and she is doing so well. I attended service at a congregation in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and the answers were right there in the lesson. The Preacher's sermon was on living a Peaceful life! It also covered Rejoicing and turning over all of our cares to our Lord. I actually sat there in this church and cried during half of the sermon. Richard leaned over and asked me if I needed to go out to compose myself. I told him "This is just what I have been needing to hear." Isn't it amazing how we let little things add up and burden us down, they cause drought and fear, which is the work of Satan. If we would only take a moment to listen to our Heavenly Father, then we could save ourselves months of uncertainty. I feel so bad for not being the example to those around me during this time. It was just like I shut down and needed to take care of myself. If we would just take time to breath and let God know that we need him and we are counting on him to help us through whatever trials we face. No matter how small they may be.
So hopefully I am on the right path now, I am through with the "stinking thinking", worry, and fear over things beyond my control. I am going to Rejoice, because this is the Day the Lord has made. I am so thankful he is my Father.
I am so thankful for my family, friends and my sweet blog buddies and your kindness. Thank you for letting me explain myself , my absence and my insecurities. I truly believe by sharing ourselves, then and only then can we help others.
Much love to you all and have a blessed day!


Ashley's Attic said...

I know exactly where you're coming from...I have a tendency to do the exact same thing when things in my life get "out of order"...so thank you so much for the reminder to just "let go and let God" a little bit more. I'll see you next week if I don't talk to you before.

Linda said...

Glad to see you back. I have been gone alot myself lately. I am sorry about all you are having to deal with concerning your mom I know it has to be hard but it is obvious you know exactly who can and will provide the peace to see you through.

Susan Grandey said...

So so glad to see your back!! I have learned I guess within the last 10 months that life is too short to worry about the small stuff that really gets under our skin. Life is too short to worry. Worry ages us extremely, makes us hard to get along with and many more things that are not good for our health. Just continue to let God into your heart and he is the great peaceful healer!!!
I am enjoying this week so much! Just wish is would slow down. Monday will be here before we know it! I will see you at school.
Much love,

Simply Joy Catering said...


You have said exactly what you need. To put it all in God's hands. I know that life has it's trials, we've talked about things before and I know that you have helped me and my word will hopefully help you!

God gives us trials to make us stronger. It is not to punish us, but to make us be stronger through Jesus.

We will be praying for you and we want you to know that you are always thought of!

Only Through Him,


JennaG said...

I'm glad you stopped by--I actually posted again today--what is up with that--just a yummy recipe though. I do not take change well either--I seem to have a low tolerance for stress! ;) It must be very difficult to have your mom in a nursing home--we're still a ways from that, thankfully.

Debbie said...

I dropped by your blog and was touched by your words. I thought of this, "we do not know what the future holds, but we DO know WHO holds the future". We like to feel in control but if we just let go, and let God be in control, everything will be fine! Hang in there girl, In Him, Debbie Haley

Alison Cummins said...

I am glad that you are back! I have missed your posts and your words of wisdom and encouragement! I hope you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. That is what we are here for, to lift each other up, pray for each other and, hopefully, somewhere along the way, figure out this thing called life! God Bless you!!!!!!!


Veronica S said...

Sheila, Thanks so much for sharing. Your honesty is so uplifting. It is hard to stop and let God work sometimes. Hang in there! Veronica

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

I have missed you. It is nice to see you posting again. You have been on my mind. I just want you to know that I care.